Whisky / Schottische Single Malts
Rare Ayrshire (Ladyburn) 1974 Signatory 30th Anniversary †
bourbon barrel, edle Holzbox mit 2 Glencairn Gläsern
Ladyburn Distillery (lost)
44y / 1974 / 53,0% / 0,7l
€ 1949,00
Rare Ayrshire (Ladyburn) 1974, a lost-distillery entry in the Signatory Vintage 30th Anniversary line-up, this was distilled at Ladyburn in Ayrshire. It only operated for 9 years, closing in 1975 and then being demolished in 1976, and whisky from the distillery is quite rare, hence Signatory's name for it. Distilled 10.05.1974, bottled at an impressive age of 44 years on 08.06.2018 from a single bourbon barrel (cask #2606), with 53% Vol. It shows the old-school floral and grassy lowland style, with extra layers of citrus and herbs. 122 bottles only! Edle Holzkiste mit 2 Glencairn Gläsern & Zertifikat!