Whisky / Schottische Single Malts
Highland Park 1991 Signatory's 30th Anniversary †
Palo Cortado sherry butt, edle Holzbox mit 2 Glencairn Gläsern
Highland Park Distillery
Orkney Islands/Sig
27y / 1991 / 52,0% / 0,7l
€ 539,00
Signatory Vintage is celebrating its 30th anniversary with an impressive line-up of whiskies, including this as one of a pair of well-aged Highland Parks. Distilled on 21 May 1991 and bottled on 12 June 2018, this spent its 27 years of ageing in a Palo Cortado sherry cask, giving it a more vibrant and juicy character, backed up by Highland Park's classic earthy smoke… Highland Park 1991, 27y, sherry butt #15086, 545 bottles, 52% Vol., … Edle Holzkiste mit 2 Glencairn Gläsern & Zertifikat!