Premium Rum
Spanish Caribbean XO 1731 Fine & Rare
Cuba & DomRep - Release 2018
Navy Island Rum Company
Cuba & DomRep/Navy
- / - / 46,0% / 0,7l
€ 36,00
1731 Fine & Rare Rum is an independent rum label under which mostly small batch bottlings are released. Both blends as well as single island and single distillery. Always non chill filtered, with natural colour and mostly at 46% Alc. The 1731 Spanish Caribbean XO Rum is a Spanish Caribbean blended rum made from rums out of Cuba and the Dominican Republic. The Cuban rum is a 5 year old from the Secret Distillery and the Dominican rum is an 8 year old from Alcoholes Finos Dominicanos. This is a small Batch 100% column still release, bottled at 46% Alc., Ex-Bourbon Casks.