Whisky / Schottische Single Malts
BenRiach Dunder Dark Rum Finish 18y
peated - streng limitiert
BenRiach Distillery
18y / - / 46,0% / 0,7l
€ 148,00
A limited edition peated BenRiach single malt Scotch whisky, the 18 Year Old Dunder was initially matured in American oak casks before enjoying a finishing period in dark rum barrels. The name comes from the residue of cane juice left in the still after the distillation of rum, which Jamaican rum producers traditionally use as a source of yeast in the fermentation process. BenRiach's Dunder pairs the earthy, smoky notes of peat with hints of banana, demerara sugar and fresh ginger - and they pull it off well! Limited Edition, 1888 bottles only, bottled 03.03.2015, peated! Orders via eMail: erik@hirschenbrunner.com