Whisky / Schottische Single Malts
Craigellachie 2007 Octave Cask, 10y
Duncan Taylor Octave Cask
Craigellachie Distillery
10y / 2007 / 52,4% / 0,7l
€ 69,00
For many years, independent bottler Duncan Taylor has experimented in the use of differing cask sizes for the maturation of single malt & single grain scotch whiskies. This research stemmed from the simple premise that there is more interaction between the wood and spirit over a shorter period of time in a small cask than a larger cask, allowing a faster melding of wood, air & alcohol. To great delight, the spirit that resulted from this method of maturation demonstrated a depth of quality missing from a larger cask over a similar period of storage. It had become smoother, more balanced and was bursting with character. With its rough edges removed, the taste profile was changed dramatically, becoming akin to whisky of a much more mature nature or vintage, It was polished, bright and sparkling with intensity. From this process comes the Octave cask range, in this case a Craigellachie 2007, 10 year old. Distilled 2007, bottled 2018, aged for 10 years in oak casks, 3 months in Octave cask, cask #7521493, 70 bottles only! Orders via eMail: erik@hirschenbrunner.com